Dyslexia Assessment
In most cases, to access support services for dyslexia, whether as a child or an adult, it is necessary to have an assessment carried out by a qualified person. This will usually be an Educational or Occupational Psychologist and it is generally accepted that an assessment ideally needs to be redone every two years to highlight changes. There are a number of options for assessment in Scotland.

Under new legislation (The Additional Support for Learning Act) schools have new obligations to support students who may have an additional support need. Under the Act parents now have the right to request a school and/or the Educational Authority to determine whether their child has additional support needs. In the case of dyslexia this would mean that the school or authority would usually be obliged to arrange a dyslexia assessment. This assessment will usually be carried out by an Educational Psychologist employed by the local authority in the case of government schools, or on a consultancy basis for independent schools. It may be necessary to argue your case to have this done, and you may have to wait for the assessment, depending on the resources of your local authority.

Private Assessment
If you prefer not to wait, you can arrange a private assessment although you would have to pay for this and it can be quite expensive (c. £395). It is important to ensure the person doing the test is suitably qualified. Dyslexia Action, a national educational charity offers full and comprehensive dyslexia assessments, although at certain times of the year there can be a waiting time. For further details contact Dyslexia Action -Tel 0141 334 4549, email Glasgow@dyslexiaaction.org.uk

Job Centre Plus
An assessment can be arranged through the Disability Employment Advisor at your local Job Centre Plus if

  • You are NOT in training
  • You are actively seeking employment, or
  • You are in employment and your dyslexia is affecting your present job

To access this service you need to request an assessment from the Occupational Psychologist. Again, you could be waiting some time as resources within this service are limited.

Higher Education
Some (not all) Further/Higher Education institutions have the facility to have students assessed. Each institution will have their own arrangements and you would need to work your way through their system, but in general, Further/Higher Education Institutions have excellent services for dyslexic students. To arrange an assessment at most Further/Higher Education institutions, contact Student Services at the respective institution.

To download Dyslexia Scotwest's pamphlet on Dyslexia Assessment click here.