Books for Sale

Dyslexia Scotwest has a stock of very useful books for sale. The books are very reasonably priced and provide practical advice in a number of different areas. In addition, some of these titles are now out of print and difficult to get.

Please note that because Dyslexia Scotwest dose not have an office the books are stored by a third party and it will take a short time access the books.

The following books are available:

Books About Dyslexia:

Help for the Dyslexic Adolescent – EG Stirling, £3 (Used)

A Dyslexic’s Eye View – Helen Arkell, £1.86

Help for Dyslexic Children – TR Miles and Elaine Miles, £6

Opening the Door – The British Dyslexia Association, £2

Let’s Discuss Dyslexia – Pete Sanders and Steve Myers, £5

So You Think You’ve got Problems? A Book for Children with Dyslexia – Rosalind Birkett, £4.00 (Used)

Identifying and Supporting the Dyslexic Child – Carol Mellers, £5.20 

Solutions for Specific Learning Difficulties – Jan Poustie et al, £10

Dyslexia: Your Questions Answered – British Dyslexia Association, £2

Specific Learning Difficulties – Gavin Reid, £15

For Teachers

Teaching the Non Reading Dyslexic Child – Gill Cotterall, £1

Day to Day Dyslexia in the Classroom – Joy Pollock and Elizabeth Waller, £12.59

Dyslexia: A Guide for Class Teachers – Dawn Matthews, £2.50

Maths Words – Margaret Walton, £1

Specific Learning Difficulties: Challenges & Responses - Pumfrey & Reason £3 (used)

Specific Learning Difficulties: A Teacher’s Guide – Margaret Crombie, £13.50

Specific Learning Difficulties: A Resource Book – Colin Lannen, £15

Developmental Dyslexia - Thomson £3 (used)

Dyslexia in Primary Schools: Assessment into Action – British Dyslexia Association, £2.00

Dyslexia - Individual Education Plans - Janet Tod £3 (used)

Dyslexia: The Training & Awareness of Teachers - BDA £3

Dyslexia and Mathematics – TR and E Miles, £11.99

Winning with Dyslexia: A Guide for Secondary Schools – Lindsay Peer, £5

Mathematics for Dyslexics, a Teachers Handbook Chinn and Ashcroft £10 (Used - 2nd Edition)

Reading Recovery Marie Clay £14.99

Phonics: A Resource Bank & Teacher's Guide - Jill Gregory £10.00

Dyslexia Speech and Language - Snowling & Stackhouse £10 (Used)

Learning Styles: A Guide for Teachers and Parents - Gavin & Reid £3 (used)

For Parents

Dyslexia: A Guide for Parents – Dawn Matthews, £2.50

Dyslexia, A Parent’s Survival Guide – Christine Ostler, £6.95

Psychobabble: A Parent’s Guide to Psychological Reports – Stephanie Lorenz, £1

Helping Children Cope with Dyslexia – Sally Raymond, £6.99

Writing Left Handed: A Guide for Parents and Teachers of Left-handed Children – Jean Alston, £3.50

Register of Schools that Help Dyslexic Children 06/07 – Crested, no charge

Plees Help: Help for Children with Dyslexia – Ann Tipper, £1.20

Help for the Dyslexic Adolescent - E G Stirling £6.50

For Students

Dyslexia at College – TR Miles and Dorothy E. Gilroy, £5

Get Better Grades – Margie Agnew et al, £3.99

Maths Dictionary – Kev Delaney, Adrian Pinel & Derek Smith, £6

Ace Spelling Dictionary – David Mosely and Catherine Nicol, £5.00

Maths Words Margaret Walton £1

For Adults:

Dyslexia: Signposts to Success, a Guide for Dyslexic Adults – British Dyslexia Association, £7.50

Help Yourself Write a Letter
– Gilly Abrahams, no Charge

Help Youself Fill in a Form - Gilly Abrahams, no charge

Help Yourself to Spell Better
- Gilly Abrahams, no charge

Programmes You Can Do at Home:

Toe by Toe – Keda and Harry Cowling, £22

Stareway to Spelling – Keda and Harry Cowling, £16

Stride Ahead - Keda and Harry Cowling, £16

What to do When You Can’t Add or Subtract – Steve Chin, £7.95

Alpha to Omega - Beve Hornsby, Frula Shear, Julie Pool, £15


Use Your Memory – Tony Buzan, £7.99

Use Your Head – Tony Buzan, £7.99

This Book Doesn’t Make Sense – Jean Augur, £7.50

A Special Partnership – Linda Kerr, Liz Sutherland and Joyce Wilson, £1

Adult Dyslexia Assessment, Counselling and Training McLaughlin, Fitzgibbon and Young, £5 (Used)

Take Time (Movement exercises for people with speaking, writing, reading problems) Nash-Wortham/Hunt £8.95

A Sentence Dictionary Eric Neal £3.75