Info Packs and Publications

Dyslexia Scotwest has numerous publications which are organised together into a number of information packs. These packs are available for people seeking information about dyslexia. Packs that are currently available are:

  • Parent Pack: information for parents of dyslexic children, including dyslexia assessments and school procedures.
  • Adult Pack: Information for adult dyslexics, including dyslexia assessments, government services and support, and information about the Adult Support Group.
  • Teacher Pack: Information for teachers and tutors, including tips for teaching dyslexic children and lists of available resources and teaching aids.
  • Students Pack: Information for university and college students, highlighting services and resources available, and study tips.
  • Adult Literacy Pack: Information for adult literacy tutors, including tips on teaching adult dyslexics, teaching resources available, and specialist training available for tutors.
  • Employment Pack: Information for dyslexic employees, and employers of dyslexics. Includes advice on work tips, legislation, employer and employee responsibilities and general advice for integrating dyslexics into the workplace.

The full list of Dyslexia Scotwest publications is as follows (simply click on the title to download the pamphlet in PDF form):

· What is Dyslexia?

· Advice for Parents

· Dyslexia Assessment

· Advice for the Dyslexic Student

· Advice for Tutors and Classroom Assistants

· Dyslexia and Adult Literacy

· Meares-Irlen Syndrome

· Technology Assistance for Dyslexics

· The Dyslexia Scotwest Resource Centre

· Advice for Employers of Dyslexic Staff

· Advice for Dyslexic Workers

· Dyslexia and Disability Discrimination Legislation

If you would prefer to receive these publications by post, fill out an enquiry form or telephone us on 0141 357 5700.