Signs in Adults

Adult dyslexics, particularly those who are undiagnosed, will often have different indications than children with dyslexia.

This is because adults will often have well developed coping or avoidance strategies to compensate for their dyslexia. These strategies will help to deal with some of the problems encountered by children.

No two people have every single symptom of dyslexia. However, most have a collection of symptoms, some mild and some severe.

Some indicators are:

  • Difficulty reading and writing.
  • Difficulty listening and remembering a series of instructions.
  • Problems putting across their ideas to others.
  • Dreading word games at parties.
  • Paying bills in cash so as not to use a chequebook
  • Confusing and mispronouncing words.
  • Experiencing total panic when they have to give impromptu speeches or preside over meetings.
  • Struggling with note taking and organisation of material.
  • Writing essays will take longer than other students and organising a dissertation will become a mammoth task
  • Memory problems. Difficulties memorising lists, facts and long complicated names.