Tutoring Options

Extra Tuition

Getting some after-school tutoring for your child can be really useful in certain cases. But by the same token you need to make sure you don't overload your child. If you decide to organise a tutor, it is important to ensure you find one that is experienced at teaching dyslexics. There are a number of options open to you:

  • Dyslexia Action offer specialised tutoring for dyslexic children, and will tailor the programme to suit the needs of the child.
  • Some of the larger tutoring companies offer tutoring for dyslexic children, although it is a good idea to check the qualifications of the tutor first.
  • Glasgow Volunteer Tutors provides free tutoring for children in Glasgow, the majority of whom are economically or socially disadvantaged. Most of their tutors are trained to teach dyslexic children. Glasgow Volunteer Tutors operates out of St. Charles Primary School, Kelvinside, and can be contacted on 0141 946 6498. Be aware that there is a large demand for their services.

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