Student Services

It is important to remember that being dyslexic should NOT prevent you from attending college or university.

To ensure that you receive appropriate help and support we would advise that you should disclose your dyslexia on your application form. Further/Higher Education establishments generally have services available for dyslexics and should have a wide range of support facilities available.

Before starting your course you should contact the Support for Learning Department/Officer to discuss your individual needs and find out what help may be available to you. Do not expect your adviser to do everything for you. Only ask for what you need and do not make unreasonable requests. An up-to-date assessment may be required before Special Arrangements are considered.

Choosing a College/University
To help you to arrive at the right decision for you regarding choice of college/university here are some questions you should consider –

Q Is there someone responsible for advising dyslexic students?

Q Will my lecturers be notified that I am dyslexic and the implications this may have on my work?

Q Will I be given time allowance and other helpful arrangements for essays/course work eg proof reading?

Q Can I receive photocopies of lecture notes?

Q Will I get an individual assessment to highlight what information communication technology could be appropriate for me?

Q Will I get appropriate special exam arrangements if I need them?

All colleges and universities do not offer the same level of support and facilities so it very important to ask each establishment individually.

Beginning the Course
Before arriving to take part in a course you should again contact and arrange to meet with your Student Advisor to confirm what appropriate help/aids will be available to you.

You should also take along to this meeting your psychological assessment. If you feel nervous or unsure about how to articulate your needs during the meeting you should think about taking along a parent/teacher/friend who can help you to absorb all the information that you will be given.

It is important to find out if you are eligible to apply for Disabled Student Allowance (DSA). To do this your course must be Higher National Certificate or above. If you are eligible it may allow you to purchase a PC/laptop and specialist information technology software.