Study Tips

Dyslexics often need to work in different ways to other students in order to get the best results.

Different things work for different people and it is worth experimenting to see what works best for you, but here are a few ideas that may be worth trying.

  • Don't hesitate to let your lecturers/tutors know that you are dyslexic and look for advice from them. Lecturers and students can mutually agree and work out suitable actions, layouts and timescales in which projects/assignments are to be handed in.
  • Try to clarify and standardise with your lecturers what assistance (extra time, helpful tools etc.) you will receive before any written work is given out. This will assist for forward planning.
  • Investigate the range of new technologies that are available to assist dyslexic students. There are numerous new technologies available and it is worth seeing if any of them work for you.
  • On starting your course it is a good idea to join your Student Union who can be supportive if issues do arise.