Solutions for Adults

Having dyslexia should not be an impediment to a full and varied life. However, if your dyslexia is causing you difficulties, there are a number of things you can do.

Having a positive attitude towards the challenges you face can be the first step towards making changes.

Government Services
Government services for adult dyslexics are mostly based around helping them get into work and there is unfortunately little other assistance available. These services can be accessed through your local Job Centre Plus and include training schemes and other assistance. To access government services you first need to be clinically assessed for dyslexia.

Adult Literacy
Some adult dyslexics have limited literacy skills and may not be able to read, or only have very limited reading skills. There are numerous options to access Adult Literacy programmes, from those run on a volunteer basis, to large literacy schemes such as The Big Plus, or Glasgow's Learning. It is important to find an adult literacy program which is suitable for dyslexics, as many traditional teaching approaches do not work for dyslexic people. The best way to do this is to ask the adult literacy tutor if they know anything about dyslexia or any special techniques for teaching dyslexics, before you start the class.